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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Real Paul25

#IllustrationOfTheDay  In this illustration for Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion",  on the reality timeline, the real Paul25 is lying on the floor of little Stefan's bedroom while Stefan and his mom are sleeping, talking to Sophista and doing some interesting things. Because I added stars to Paul25's neck I now have to go back and change the story at that point because those stars mean something. It means that there are even more interesting things that will be revealed in that scene and plot deepens even more!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#IllustrationOfTheDay Stefan's power suddenly builds and Paul25 tries to keep him from exploding and ripping away part of the Earth's atmosphere.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Early Back Cover for Book #5

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Here is the early version of the back cover for Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion." The book's expected release will be July 3, 2015. Unlike the other books in the series, this will be a fairly long one, with the draft manuscript currently at approximately 120,000 words.

Here is the back cover description text as it stands today:

Are dreams the shadows of our lives on another timeline? Stefan’s mistakes in his prior incorporeal life lead Syon, Stefan’s son from the future who is the Master of Time, to shatter time in a universe-shaking catastrophe. They and their friends land onto a new timeline drastically different from their former lives. Stefan arrives as an exceptionally intelligent seven-year-old child that is frustrated and confused. Syon becomes the twelve-year-old son of abusive alcoholic parents. Will Syon’s dad kill him, closing forever for all his friends the portal of time to their supernatural lives — their dreams? As the Earth and the Federation of the Twenty learn completely of Stefan’s supernatural powers and his intent to rule them all, does he want to go back to that life of waiting daggers? How many knives of dissection and conspiring groups of exploitation, both alien and human, await these unusual children on this new timeline? Will these young harbingers of the future ever know happiness?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Introducing Syon for Book #5

The character, Syon, is the Master of Time in the Children of Sophista Book Series. Book #5, The Owl from Oblivion, mixes reality, dreams, and alternative timelines to bring to life the real life struggles of Syon. In some realms he is the Master of Time --- an exceptionally intelligent and sensitive child trapped into a life of big issues, where a single misstep can bring about the end of his life and that of his friends' lives in a super-natural universe. But on another timeline (or is it a dream) he lives the life of an exceptional human child with abusive parents. While undergoing senseless beatings he maintains his connection to his existence in higher realms. The human analogs of his friends from higher realms find him and help him to escape his prison to live a life as a much happier human being. The question is: can he ever be truly just human.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cover Reveal for Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion"

This is the cover for the 5th installment in the Children of Sophista Book Series, called The Owl from Oblivion. In this book, Tova2 and Stefan begin to assume their roles as rulers of contemporary Earth. We also find out the origin of the wizards' owls---those creatures whose wisdom greatly exceed their appearance. 

For most people, they are simply owls---perhaps a sign of the craziness of the wizard when we see the wizard talk to the owl. But for those who know how to access its wisdom, the owl is more than simply an animal. 

The narrative also talks about how difficult early childhood was for Stefan, when Stefan's intellect far outstripped his emotional maturity---and perhaps the intellect of those around him.

This installment is far more gritty than the previous installments as the culture of the Federation of the Twenty, the fate of Sophista, the strategy and goals of the US Air Force, the attack by the Sun Gods, and the relationship of Stefan and Tova2 with each other and their relatives all swirl together in a crucible of fate and pain, condensing into the Nexus, Stefan. And what of poor little Stefan's (the boy on the cover) life as we see the confusion and pain that shape him in childhood to become the ruler he presently is. But what on Earth does he rule?

The expected release date of this installment is Summer, 2015.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introducing the Hardcover Version of Book #1

Just in time for the summer doldrums, a new hardcover version of The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1: The Death of Innocents has been released. This version is printed on fine book paper and contains additional illustrations the original paperback does not. Some of the illustrations in this version have been modified by the author, aka me, to more closely match my vision of how the characters in the story appear.

 If you click on the back cover above, it will enlarge so that you can read the book description. 

I've tried to focus the presentation on being more character centric. Even the unused white space has ghostly images filling them.

You'll also find the font of this edition a little larger than the paperback editions for easier reading. This edition is being distributed internationally through the book wholesale network, Ingram. So that means this book will be coming to an online bookstore near you!

As of the date of this post, the following retailers had sales pages for this book. More retailers should pick up this book in the next 60 days.

Everywhere: The Book Depository (no cover displayed): http://www.bookdepository.com/Saeshell-Book-Time-Part-1-Rusty-Biesele/9780990350101