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The Children of Sophista Book Series

Coming February, 2018

Why, Mom and Dad, didn’t you tell me… Even the ants hate my blood as the bullies pound me. The others say I have to be a super-child — a warrior. My love, Amy, will grow up, having someone else’s children — having mine would kill her from the inside; I am immortal. Stefan, coldly manipulated by his power-hungry mom, beaten by criminals — his power is frightening. His older girlfriend protects us from black-op crazies, hostile aliens… everyone wants us dead. Sometimes I wish they would succeed. My young friend, Ty, wields the power of secret aliens; his magic wand is his life’s core. Why does the incorporeal Sophistan1, seventy-three light-years away, care about us? We are the first Children of Sophista to emerge. I hope the future ones know some good games..

The Portal Opens...

Perhaps you think differently than humans. You see them in their little mental cages, performing the chores required by the necessities of life, making silly screams and rantings which do little to change the course of time. You walk among them trying to avoid disturbing the hive, lest you become stung by the swarm, pretending to be who you are not. The connections threading your brain—how you were made—allows you a view, an artistic perception, denied to the humans. Your feelings and sensitivities are so strong, at times overpowering—when they do slip through, the hive considers you at best, “messed up”, at worst,  a threat. 
But you see the magic of life and the orchestral structure of the universe. Every day brings a new thrill of discovery with the world of science, art, and thought merging to reveal a kind of magic that the humans will not understand. You wander the planet, unable to find those like you, perhaps a momentary brushing with a few. But there are the dreams—so many streams of thought, all happening at once. The humans call it confusing, out of order, not sequential. But you find it exhilarating, so many ideas and shapes of time, flowing and mixing together into a wondrous cacophony of new discoveries. 

Take the portal and escape the minutia of the humans—escape to where your knowledge and the philosophical foundations of your life are challenged. Enter the portal before it disappears; you might never see it again. Enter to be with those who are like you. Travel through the portal to the Children of Sophista because you know: magic is science humans don't understand.
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