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The Saeshell Book of Time Part 3: Paradise Lost

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a child forever --- one with friends who you could talk to telepathically --- and being able to go anywhere, to jaunt, with just a simple thought of where you wished to go? What about having a motherly computer materialize objects you visualize in your mind? Then try the epic fantasy/science fiction blend adventure set on contemporary Earth and on the planet Sophista, The Children of Sophista Book Series.

Description of Book #3:

  Diabolical plans unfold to force Stefan's ascension. His choice: pass the trials and become King of Earth — or be killed. The corpus of supremely jealous beings would gleefully end his life, save for his passionate mate’s protection. Has a lust for killing been woven into her innocent core? Protection — a two edged sword — she is bound to euthanize him if his mind rips. Fairies are bound to promote love. Will the ambitious Queen of Sophista — The Queen of the Distant Fairies — ruthlessly stab Stefan’s innocence or simply instill Earth survival skills? Will Ty’s father’s dark past break his son’s heart? For the loving couple and their Children of Sophista, has paradise been truly lost? The Federation seeks to dominate. The snakes lurk in the shadows, ready to strike — and so does Atreyeu.

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