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Children of Sophista Description

Sometimes great destinies cannot wait until the end of childhood, especially when aliens watching Earth decide they would like to reshape the planet. Humans may be afraid to tinker with human DNA but throughout time, aliens have been genetically altering humans to match their agendas --- aliens who may not
all share the same designs for humanity. Humans are the organic clay of the universe.

The randomness of human evolution has taken those changes and produced something unexpected by aliens and humans: The Children of Sophista. These children would like to experience the joys of their immortal childhood without being ostracized by humanity or exploited by aliens. But dissectionexploitation, and enslavement await these children --- await them unless they can use their superior talents and knowledge to protect themselves and perhaps advance humanity into a peaceful existence. 

As these children band together, they find that their talents and those of the aliens are so far in advance of humans that they are like magic. Perhaps the magic of these children can be used to relate to humanity in a friendly way. Magic is science that humans don't understand. 

Journey with these children to discover whether their lives will be ones of happiness and discovery, or slow and painful eradication. Click on one of the book covers to discover their piece of the story and if you are up to the challenge of their life's story, you will be offered a chance to buy them. But be warned: the challenging and at times, terrifying story of such advanced children is not one all humans can endure.

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