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Book #5 Description Page (Scroll Down)

To read the first 6 chapters of the book, CLICK HERE (PDF)
This book can be read by first time readers of the series --- about 80% can be understood without reading the prior books. If you are unsure, click the link above to read the sample. That will give you a feel for the book and you can judge for yourself.

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Book #5 Description:
 Are dreams the shadows of our lives on another timeline? Stefan’s mistakes in his prior incorporeal life lead Syon, Stefan’s son from the future who is the Master of Time, to shatter time in a universe-shaking catastrophe. They and their friends land onto a new timeline drastically different from their former lives. Stefan arrives as an exceptionally intelligent seven-year-old child that is frustrated and confused. Syon becomes the twelve-year-old son of abusive alcoholic parents. Will Syon’s dad kill him, closing forever for all his friends the portal of time to their supernatural lives — their dreams? As the Earth and the Federation of the Twenty learn completely of Stefan’s supernatural powers and his intent to rule them all, does he want to go back to that life of waiting daggers? How many knives of dissection and conspiring groups of exploitation, both alien and human, await these unusual children on this new timeline? Will these young harbingers of the future ever know happiness?

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