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Human beings are the organic clay of all life forms in the known universe... At the dawn of modern man, about three-hundred-thousand years ago, a race of formless energy beings arrived on Earth. They wanted to reshape the nature of humanity by altering its genes. They created a disaster. But from that disaster arose a set of exceptional genes which slowly developed and evolved over the many millennia until today. Today, on contemporary Earth, those genes came together , mixed with the genes of other races that had touched Earth in the past, to produce children of exceptional talents and power: The Children of Sophista. Prepare for an adventure, following the rise of the Children of Sophista, learning of their fate. Dare to dream that those miraculous genes may be in you. Could you be a Child of Sophista?

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Magic is an advanced science that humans don't understand. Two young people are betrothed at birth and forced by alien races to serve as the secret King and Queen of contemporary Earth: from the UK, Stefan, a seventh-grade artistic prodigy and from the US, Tova, a nineteen-year-old life sciences genius. Both were raised as humans and left to discover that they will be immortal at age nineteen. Using their emerging magic, they must protect the kingdom of Earth from unwanted alien intrusions. Shy, reclusive Stefan is ripped from his childhood and has eight weeks to learn to rule. Tova must do more than love Stefan — she must keep him sane or kill him to protect humans from his irrational use of his powers.

In this first part of the four part serial storyline, Elof, an abused Tibetan-American science wizard must teach the magical children, Ty and Tyco, to use their talents ethically. Otherwise, Tova will destroy them to protect Earth. Ty, the mysterious, fearful third-grade son of a British Prime Ministerial aid, has an ancient knowledge given to him by ‘ghosts’. Tyco, who is the fifth-grade son of a Mayan astronomer, must learn to keep his warrior impulses in check and protect his friend, Ty, from harm. While teaching these kids, Elof reconciles his own childhood with his sociopath father. Does he have a magical inheritance he has yet to discover? Far grittier than Harry Potter, this story is an intellectual puzzle of mysteries and surprises for readers ready to meet the challenge.

This book is Indie Reader Approved. To read the review of Book #1 by Indie Reader, click on the link below:
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Book #1 has been released in two different formats: a hardcover, full color illustrated version and a full color illustrated paperback printed on simulated parchment. Here is a look at the interior of the hardcover ... it has the most illustrations.

Here is a look at the full color illustrated paperback version:

I hope you will consider purchasing a copy of the book and sharing in my adventure!

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