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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Plans for the Final Release of The Owl from Oblivion

The plans for the final "The Owl from Oblivion" book seems to be cementing around a large 8x10 (children's picture book size) book with illustrations throughout. The book is not a children's picture book but an in depth novel that will be in somewhat of a #literary #fiction style with detailed characterizations. The novel will be long. The list price for bookstores will be $30.99 I think. What I wonder is if people will pay $30.99 for the novel. With the book being large, illustrated format, it needs that price. The book will be printed on heavy glossy paper on an offset press, not a POD self-publishing press. So it should look great! The final two professional edits and the initial 4000 book printrun will be paid for by a Kickstarter. For a $55 donation, people will get a signed copy of the final book. I'll need 1900 people to donate to the Kickstarter. I think that is going to be really tough to achieve. Hopefully, as the Kickstarter gets closer, I can motivate people to sign up. The prequel, "The Sophistan Children of Earth" will follow after "The Owl from Oblivion" launch. I think it will be in the same 8x10 format, but we'll have to see how "The Owl from Oblivion" does. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think of these plans.