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Friday, July 14, 2017

Book excerpt from July 14th

"The Owl from Oblivion", 195,567 words

Excerpt from 7/14/17.

Jenny and Theo2 chuckle again.

“Sanctimonious assholes,” thinks Tyco. “And you, Jenny, are the biggest sucker for just glossing over my murder of that little boy from the Sun Gods. It is just so convenient for you. You never have thought about how that act might have changed me. Shit, I don’t even trust myself now. Man, Ty knows. You separate him from me and there’s no telling what I might do. 

“I loved that Sun God kid. He was so noble, worrying what would happen to me, ready to sacrifice himself for the good of everyone. Either you chicken-shits didn’t bother to get the Guardian to show you what transpired or if you watched it, you are bigger fools than I thought. Perhaps the latter since you foolishly walked into Anashivalia’s web of deceit, ready to have your minds sucked dry by her spidery entanglements.”

“I sense, Ty, that you would make an excellent member of the council one day,” says Theo2. “In the future, Earth will need a representative on the council. You never know, you might get to serve in that way when you are older.”

“I will never get to serve then because I will never be older than eight or bigger,” says Ty in his tiny, timid voice.

“Well perhaps, Ty, you can teach the council, or the Federation for that matter, about immortal children who remain young forever. We have no experience with how their minds work or how much responsibility their maturity or lack thereof would allow them to accept. I suspect your trip to the Federation will give us some of that knowledge.”

“There you go, Ty,” says Elof2. “You are safe from dissection.” Ty squeaks like a little mouse on the ‘dissection’ word. “Instead, they will just endlessly interrogate you.”

Theo2 crosses his arms. “I don’t understand why you heap such ridicule on us. Will we have to endure this in all dealings with you?” Theo2 purses his lips.

“Shit Theo2,” thinks Tyco in his morose twelve-year-old psyche. “I can see your pathetically little, ringed, Federation space station with my jaunt tunnel right now. I could jaunt there, activate my shield, blow a hole in the side of the space station with the beam from my palm, and watch all you hollow-skulls—all the ruling council members—explode in the vacuum of space. Then I could just jaunt home. 

“Geez, after hearing about our ability to jaunt without a boost in power from the Guardian… and seeing what I did to that kid… that poor Sun God kid… didn’t you want to like… interview  me or something to see if I was some kind of evil being. Man I sure would like to know. Maybe I wouldn’t use my shield. I deserve to die for what I did to that kid. 

"He squealed so much… I wonder if I would have time to scream before my Sun God instilled power source exploded. I wonder if I would beg like he did for someone to end my pain. I wonder what it feels like to hurt that bad, you know, like when you are going to die and nothing can stop it. 

"Would my parents be happy, freed from worrying about their weird son with his dangerous talents… the very talents the Maya of the past feared?” He mentally chuckles in a melancholy, sad way, regretting the potential loss of the bit of normalcy in his life his parents give. “At least my dad, the professor, wouldn’t have to worry about me being smarter than he is.” For the first time in his life, Tyco has admitted to himself the implications of the changes to his body.

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