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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Ballet of Tova and Stefan's Lives

Even life on the supernatural timeline is not without pain. Peter3 recreates Tova into Tova2 in the future. He knows he will do this and he spends years designing the changes to go into her because he loves her though he knows can never be her mate. He supervises Paul25's healing of her after a major disaster. Paul25, himself a clone, is her future adoptive son. Tova doesn't know it yet, but she has fairy blood in her veins. For more than a century before Tova was born, Atreyeu and the Saeshells orchestrated events that lead to the creation of Tova. Freewill for Tova and Stefan is largely an illusion because their future is totally predetermined. Like most children, they feel the world is theirs and they are further deluded down that path with the powers they acquire. But they have been made to serve a purpose and they can't escape that fate. At this crossroads in Book #1, the reader has no idea how huge this epic story is and just takes it at face value. In Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion", the reader will be blasted by the enormity of the epic and how events in the past before The Saeshell Book of Time, for many millennia, and the events after it into the future is one giant contrived and choreographed ballet of life.

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