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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Stephen King Motivated Excerpt from Book #5

I just saw something in Stephen King's twitter that brought this section of Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion" to mind. Since it kind of goes with the illustration below, I decided to post an excerpt from that part of the book. This conversation is occurring between Tova2 and a set of people on the supernatural timeline:

The general glares at Tova2. “You can walk through their military computer network that easily?”

Tova2 stares at the general with a sinister yet playful expression.
“Why General, we can walk through any computer that easily, no matter where it is located. Unless the Guardian collected data for us, how would we know what was going on in our kingdom?”

She turns away and smiles momentarily, waiting for the shock to settle into the general’s mind.

@ “I would not have played it that way,” says Anashivalia on the private Atreyeu telepathic link.

@ “That’s because witches only fly at night, when no one can see what they are doing,” mocks Tova2. “Even the witches can’t see what they are doing.”

@“I must admit, Tova2, I do not fully fathom your offbeat American humor. Perhaps if I were a California girl, I would understand more fully.”

@“Occasionally, the schoolmaster must leave his cane out on his desk to show what could happen. Is that understandable for you?”

@“Luckily, I was educated by the fairies. I thought you wanted to rule by love.”

@“I believe it was you who taught me that there is no love in politics. I can confirm that is especially true in American politics.”

@“Oh dear.”

“Snap out of wherever you are, Tova2,” yells the general. “That Sun Needle ship is firing a particle beam at us. Shouldn't we be doing something about it?”

“Life-giver, materialization sequence has started,” informs Control.

Tova2 starts. “Guardian, show us the surface in the campground area. General, the particle beam is not a weapon but a method of transport.”

A flaming ball two feet in diameter appears in the parking lot area for the picnic tables, about 4 feet above ground. Streaming flames leap from it only to fall back and be reabsorbed by the ball, giving it the look of a 3D image of a telescopic view of the sun.

“This is a lot more effective than bagpipes at scaring the enemy,” chuckles McPherson2. “Are you scared yet, Shamus?”

“I'm scared,” says Mary. “They seem quite confident.”

“You are right, Mary,” says the general. “And yes, Andrew, I am scared. I do not believe our troops are ready for this kind of enemy. It has been decades since an enemy stood directly in our faces, not in the shadows, and told us they were going to win."

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