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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Paul7, Protector of the Children of Sophista

#‎IllustrationOfTheDay‬ 9 year old Sophistan, Paul7, is the protector on the Children of Sophista on Earth. In Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion", he is a bit of gremlin that stays invisible most of the time, dispensing invisible death to those that try to harm the kids. He is actually a bit frightening to the Children of Sophista. Paul7 was forced to learn martial arts and the associated discipline. He is the only Sophistan-human capable of killing. As part of his "training", the Great Sophistan sent him to explore the uncivilized worlds at the edge of the Federation, where he met nonhuman lifeforms, many of which tried to make him into a fine dinner. His horrible experiences pretty much beat the last drop of childhood innocence from him and turned him into a killer. Because he can be invisible, can jaunt in and out of any place, and can invisibly dispense death unexpectedly, he generally gains the respect of governments on Earth that know about him and he is a motivation for them to respect the "human" rights of the Children of Sophista.

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