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Friday, May 8, 2015

Illustration of Peter2 in Book #5

#IllustrationOfTheDay In Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion", the reality timeline forces, Peter2 to take on a much more powerful look. If reflects that on the reality timeline, the Great Sophistan is dead. The Peters become the ultimate rulers of Sophistan society in addition to their intellectual role. This leads to them to make uncomfortable decisions in the name of pragmatic leadership, which they are now required to make in order to ensure survival of Sophista. It is a very understated transition in the novel but one with very profound consequences. When their survival was assured by their virtual parent, the Great Sophistan, they could afford to be idealistic. But some of their ideals are compromised when the gritty, stinking details of survival lands on their shoulders.

Peter2 has two stripes of gray hair. Gray stripes are awards for wisdom, usually given when a seemingly impossible to accomplish project is completely successfully, one involving multiple facets of diverse and unrelated categories of knowledge.

The crystalline part of the Peters' bodies is still there on the reality timeline, with the most visible evidence of this structure the green triangles in Peter2's eyes. These green triangles are the ends of crystalline fibers which allow the energy part of Peter2's mind to see independently of the human part. The Peters have the emotional human mind mixed with the more analytical, logic-based energy mind which occupies the crystalline structures of their bodies. Their new-found gritty, ruling  rationally is profoundly expressed with the fate they impose on Paul25.

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