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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Movie Script Summary for the Books?

#‎writing‬ I was reading about how to get a movie script made into a movie. They showed examples of scripts that were movie execs favorites. I took my books and pretended they were movie scripts. I wrote movie script summaries as if the books were movie scripts. So what do you think? Would these sound like good movies?

My Books #1 - #4 as a group:
Modified by aliens to be evolved beings, two teens, an artistic prodigy and a life science genius, want to live a secluded life and raise a family, but they must pass alien trials and learn to be the secret king and queen of contemporary Earth, or they will be executed.

My Book #5:
Dreams are alternative timelines; a young teen boy is the genius son of physically abusive parents or he is the master of time; a teen couple, modified by aliens, rules humanity with tragic results, or they are the most promising prodigies of the world; will love lead to a convergence of timelines or Oblivion?

So what do you think? Do these sound like movies you would like to see?

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