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Monday, April 6, 2015

Syon on the Supernatural and Reality Timeline

#‎IllustrationOfTheDay‬ The first two pictures are Syon on the supernatural timeline in books #1 and #3. 

The third picture is Syon on the reality timeline of book #5. Books #1 - #4 only have the supernatural timeline and book #5 has both the supernatural timeline and the reality timeline.

Syon on the reality timeline is a much more serious, much more human character than on the supernatural timeline. Some of that humanity bursts onto the supernatural timeline in book #5 when he has the choice between remaining the master of time and ceasing to exist, or being transported  to the reality timeline and become the abused child of adoptive parents. He feels that if he continues to live on the reality timeline, that he will suffer endlessly in a boring, worthless life. But he finds that even on the reality timeline, there is something special about him, though he can't quite understand  what it is. In this excerpt, Syon laments going back to his abusive father, "Leonard".  This excerpt is from draft 7, Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion".

Syon collapses to a sitting position in the time-lane, shedding tears. He clinches and shakes his fists in sad frustration. “I want Stefan and Tova2 to make me. I don’t want to go back to Leonard. I want to play in the time-lanes of eternity, going from event to event, not trapped in a boring meat grinder on Earth."

Squiddy appears, disconnected from Syon.

“Squiddy, don’t leave me,” screams Syon. “Don’t abandon me to the monster!”

Squiddy changes form into Jenny. She sits down beside Syon and wraps her arm around Syon’s shoulder. “I love you, Syon. I am glad we shared this journey together and that you sustained me with your life force. There is no greater love than that, Syon—the giving of life. I want you to live, Syon. I want you to live forever. To make that happen, I must leave you.” 



Syon stands, wipes his eyes, and reaches to touch one of the rings. A wall of red electric sparks stops his hand before it reaches the ring. “I wanted to live in here forever, with time as my playground—the infinities, I thirst for their amusement. As sure as the winds of time will raise the sands again, I will lose you to a field of pain and sorrow. But it is better than Oblivion.” He pulls his wand from his pocket and kisses it. “I have one last task for you: take me to the portal.” He disappears. 

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