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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#IllustrationOfTheDay One of the dreamier aspects of Paul25 is how he spent much of his first 1000 years of life on the Earth. Here was a high empathy, immortal kid who, in this picture, spent his time sleeping on stinking, rotting, urine covered sailing vessels. A single thought could send him back to the hyper-modern planet of comfort where a motherly computer would materialize whatever he asked for (provided he could picture it in his mind). And yet his empathy was like a shackle because his poor captain --- a lonely, refined man among a crew of ruffians --- needed a life-long friend and companion throughout his travels. Here, a thief would like to take advantage of the terminally ill captain and steal his sextant. He definitely caught Paul25 at the wrong time. Paul25 was upset at losing yet another of his long-time human friends. Plus, a bitter irony gnawed at Paul25 because, using a beam from his palm, he could heal the captain. But his world forbid him from interfering in human evolution. By seeing so many of his friends die, his will to obey that rule became weakened in the later years. At times, Paul25 can be the mischievous little boy whose big heart is always getting him in trouble. He comes home to Sophista beaten up by Earth so that the Peters can fix his broken body and his fellow Pauls can cheer-up his mind. But the event on this particular day was so traumatic that only his new adoptive mom, Tova2, could heal his heart. 

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