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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to Burn the Candle at Both Ends

#‎Publishing‬ Publishing this book series has been very challenging to me. I've told you that working on Book #5, "The Owl from Oblivion" has been challenging in itself because it is a big book (about 146,000 words at the moment) and because I am lucky enough this time to have a really good editor who challenges me to improve my writing in ways I didn't think were possible. Many days, it is like taking a couple of university courses in writing simultaneously with endless homework assignments. Sometimes it is hard not to procrastinate when facing a mountain of homework! But at the same time I have the publishing side which can also be a pretty big burden. Right now I am running an ad campaign that reaches about 26,000 people a day. What I am trying to do with that campaign is create a story with ads. I just added a twelfth ad to the ad rotation last night. The ad you see the picture of is the one I added. It's an interesting writing challenge as well as creative challenge. I have to pick an attention getting image and write a piece of the story in 50 characters. When the twelve ads are viewed in mass, a characterization of the many themes in the series is revealed. By the reaction of the ad agency, I don't think this is something they have seen before. They usually just see which ad performs best and pound that one into viewers endlessly. I don't let them do that. I force them to rotate between the ads and I never let them show the ads to any one person more than twice in one day. So, in some sense, I have turned the ads into a form of entertainment. One more bit of innovation, perhaps. The kid in this ad is Ty. Some of the ads are a bit darker than what you might expect because they represent the increased darkness of book #5. Syon, on the reality timeline, is an abused child, and the editor has told me that surprisingly, I have nailed what goes on with the children and adult friends surrounding the abused child pretty accurately. I am sorry if I disappoint some people who expected this book to be a happy romp with fairies because it won't be, though the fairies do their best to help Syon. You can see it coming in book #4 when you see that as these talented kids interact with the human population, various factions of humans (exploiters and exterminators) are drawn toward them (as well as well meaning humans seeking to help them). It won't be like a Disney movie where kids get locked up and the worst is what is said to them. It will be more like the entire planet Earth is the equivalent of a brutal third world for them. It is a rather interesting turn to portray the first world as if it is a third world place.
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