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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book #1 Giveaway on Facebook

This giveaway of book #1, "The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1: The Death of Innocents" will last until Sunday, Jan. 11th at midnight California Pacific Time. To participate in the giveaway, go to the book series Facebook page at:

Indie Reader Review:

Description of the Books of Children of Sophista

The Saeshell Book of Time Serial Novel (4 Books)

  Magic is an advanced science that humans don't understand. Two young people are betrothed at birth and forced by alien races to serve as the secret King and Queen of contemporary Earth: from the UK, Stefan, a seventh-grade artistic prodigy and from the US, Tova, a nineteen-year-old life sciences genius. Both were raised as humans and left to discover that they will be immortal at age nineteen. Using their emerging magic, they must protect the kingdom of Earth from unwanted alien intrusions. Shy, reclusive Stefan is ripped from his childhood and has eight weeks to learn to rule. Tova must do more than love Stefan — she must keep him sane or kill him to protect humans from his irrational use of his powers.

Book #1: The Saeshell Book of Time Part1: The Death of Innocents

  In this first part of the four part serial storyline, Elof, an abused Tibetan-American science wizard must teach the magical children, Ty and Tyco, to use their talents ethically. Otherwise, Tova will destroy them to protect Earth. Ty, the mysterious, fearful third-grade son of a British Prime Ministerial aid, has an ancient knowledge given to him by ‘ghosts’. Tyco, who is the fifth-grade son of a Mayan astronomer, must learn to keep his warrior impulses in check and protect his friend, Ty, from harm. While teaching these kids, Elof reconciles his own childhood with his sociopath father. Does he have a magical inheritance he has yet to discover? Far grittier than Harry Potter, this story is an intellectual puzzle of mysteries and surprises for readers ready to meet the challenge.

To read the Indie Reader review of book #1, go here:
The book is Indie Reader Approved.

Book #2: The Saeshell Book of Time Part 2:The Rebirth of Innocents

  Tova2 and Stefan discover immortal love—a new species so lonely, so vulnerable to extinction. The Queen of Sophista’s unbridled ambition twists Stefan’s mind. Will Tova2, the new chief enforcer, kill the Queen to protect her love? Will Stefan’s teen meltdowns drive his enormous power to accidentally kill everyone? Stefan, the bio-battleground for so many races, struggles to understand who he is. Did his mentor and friend, Elof2, steal Tova2’s heart? Perhaps… but perhaps Stefan, with the help of the Great Sophistan and Tova2, will discover the king of all within.

Book #3: The Saeshell Book of Time Part 3: Paradise Lost

  Diabolical plans unfold to force Stefan's ascension. His choice: pass the trials and become King of Earth — or be killed. The corpus of supremely jealous beings would gleefully end his life, save for his passionate mate’s protection. Has a lust for killing been woven into her innocent core? Protection — a two edged sword — she is bound to euthanize him if his mind rips. Fairies are bound to promote love. Will the ambitious Queen of Sophista — The Queen of the Distant Fairies — ruthlessly stab Stefan’s innocence or simply instill Earth survival skills? Will Ty’s father’s dark past break his son’s heart? For the loving couple and their Children of Sophista, has paradise been truly lost? The Federation seeks to dominate. The snakes lurk in the shadows, ready to strike — and so does Atreyeu.

Book #4: The Saeshell Book of Time Part 4: The Ceremony of Life

  True horror: a teen with the power to destroy whole planets? No, Stefan can do more than that. The Ceremony of Life reveals who everyone truly is: they are Stefan, Tova2, and Aleah’s toys. Tyco was born with a genetic flaw that must be fixed by the Lizards— creatures with no primate love who torture Tyco. Tova2 must help Stefan overcome his fears so he may use his Saeshell powers to rescue Tyco. How can Stefan and Tova2 fully use their talents to protect Earth without terrorizing the humans? Magic—magic is advanced science that humans don’t understand. Yet what does the rule of the wizards of Sophista portend for the Children of Sophista, the Fairies, the Saeshells, the Federation of the Twenty, and the humans—all those from which Stefan’s corporeal form was derived? Everyone fears the coming of the Sun Gods. Yet, Stefan and Aleah know something — something about the Sun Gods and Tova2.

Book #5 (Expected Release 7/3/2015): The Owl from Oblivion

  Are dreams the shadows of our lives on another timeline? Stefan’s mistakes in his prior incorporeal life lead Syon, Stefan’s son from the future who is the Master of Time, to shatter time in a universe-shaking catastrophe. They and their friends land onto a new timeline drastically different from their former lives. Stefan arrives as an exceptionally intelligent seven-year-old child that is frustrated and confused. Syon becomes the twelve-year-old son of abusive alcoholic parents. Will Syon’s dad kill him, closing forever for all his friends the portal of time to their supernatural lives — their dreams? As the Earth and the Federation of the Twenty learn completely of Stefan’s supernatural powers and his intent to rule them all, does he want to go back to that life of waiting daggers? How many knives of dissection and conspiring groups of exploitation, both alien and human, await these unusual children on this new timeline? Will these young harbingers of the future ever know happiness?

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