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Sunday, December 28, 2014

5 Star Reviews of Book#1 and #2 on Goodreads

These reviews are from a reader in Australia.

"Again we loved this book as much as the first. So great to be there while Stephan and Tova2 grow up. Now I must confess that I would read book 3 even if my 5 and 11 year olds didn't love it, the story has gotten to me. This is the most original childrens writing i have ever seen and it's good to see books other than things like The Dork Diaries which don't stimulate or ask kids to use their imaginations.
So to Rusty A Biesele, you are an amazing author and have captured our attention, thank you for sharing this with us."

 "This is a great book. Read the comments and agree with most, the few negative comments confused me as i came away with a totally different view of the book and cannot understand how these people didn't like it. I adore the way the story has been told and it was nothing like i imagined when i first flicked through it.
The Saeshell Book of Time makes your children think and I've noticed that my kids space out when they lose interest, my kids are 5 and 11 and they loved it."

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