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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Introducing Syon for Book #5

The character, Syon, is the Master of Time in the Children of Sophista Book Series. Book #5, The Owl from Oblivion, mixes reality, dreams, and alternative timelines to bring to life the real life struggles of Syon. In some realms he is the Master of Time --- an exceptionally intelligent and sensitive child trapped into a life of big issues, where a single misstep can bring about the end of his life and that of his friends' lives in a super-natural universe. But on another timeline (or is it a dream) he lives the life of an exceptional human child with abusive parents. While undergoing senseless beatings he maintains his connection to his existence in higher realms. The human analogs of his friends from higher realms find him and help him to escape his prison to live a life as a much happier human being. The question is: can he ever be truly just human.

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