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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book #2 Chapter 17's Illustration and Story

“Mummy, don’t go away! I’m mummy’s tool—a tool to make her the supreme queen. My name is Stefan. I killed mum—just like dad. I didn’t mean to. It just sort of happened. I used to play with my fairy doll, Tova. Now she is my love for real. She brought back mummy. But if mum isn’t all there, Tova, my love, will kill her again—she will be a pile of dust in my hands. I need your help mum—especially when Tova and I rule Earth. But don’t hurt me. Tova burns everyone who tries to hurt me.”

This illustration by Matt Curtis is for Chapter 17 in book #2, "The Saeshell Book of Time Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents". Book #2 will go on sale March 29th. Book #1 is currently on sale in Kindle: . Both a full color Collector's Edition and a black and white Reader's Edition paperback are also available here: . This is a 4 part serial meaning that all 4 books are tightly bound together into a single story. All 4 books have been written and are being released about 6 months apart. These four books are the first story in the Children of Sophista Book Series. The second story for the series, book #5, is currently being written.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter 15's Illustration: Stefan --- How I Got Here

“A few weeks ago, I was at home—my safe home. Some days, I would go to a nice seventh-grade class with smart kids and have a nice nap. Most days I would sit home, drawing places that I had never seen but somehow I knew they existed. I didn't know that I was a fairy or that mummy was a very important fairy. Mummy had a fantasy bookshop with lots of big tables and I had lots of friends I had taught to draw. At night, I slept in a bedroom high above the bookshop and looked at the stars through my skylight. I cuddled my fairy doll and played with her wings. I named my doll, Tova.

Then they took me 75 light years away and changed me. It's not fair. Now they tell me if I think wrong, some people will die—many people could burn alive. I met a 9 year-old boy named Paul1. I should be his friend, but they made me be his father. He took my mind inside a computer. That’s me with the stripes. My name is Stefan. But at least Tova—the real Tova—is here. I love her—I always have and always will. She’s 19 and she helps me understand things. One day I will be 19 and I won’t get any older either. They tell me that I have to be the King of Earth and that she will be my queen. Maybe when I’m king, they will let me drop by your house and play.”


This is the final illustration by Matt Curtis for chapter 15 in “The Saeshell Book of Time Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents.” This is the second book of a four part serial novel. All four novels form one story in the Children of Sophista series. Book #5 will be the start of a new story in that series. Part one was released Oct. 1st, 2012. Part two will be released March 29th, 2013. Part three will be released October, 2013. Part four will be released in the following spring.

To buy Part1: The Death of Innocents, CLICK HERE.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What is Life? Tova2's Perspective in Book #2

“Life. What is it? I’m not sure anymore. How can I be? I had a mom. Too long ago to remember. Now, my creator, Peter3, pleads for my life. He loves me. But not how he thinks. Perhaps if he understood the concept, I would be his daughter. What does the third clone of a fourteen-year-old genius know about love? My true love lies on a table---a giant bomb ready to destroy a planet full of people. We were made for each other---the lonely pair of a new species---none of these people can understand our feelings for each other. Yet, here I am, my beautiful sparkle ball in hand, ready to send him and quite possibly me back to atoms. Our adopted son, the twenty-fifth clone of a nine-year-old boy, gives me energy to do the dirty deed. Perhaps for him, death is a relief---after 1500 years of loneliness he has found the love of parents---and now he watches them die---his last act of love as he complies with my wishes. Nineteen---too little time as a mother---too little time to know true love---what shall I do, Stefan, my love?”

[ This is the beautiful final illustration by Matt Curtis for Chapter 12 of “The Saeshell Book of Time Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents.” The excerpt is a condensation of part of the book. ]

To get in on the beginning of the story, you need to read book #1, The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1: The Death of Innocents. Click Here to see available formats for purchase. To learn more about the four part serial, Click Here.