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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Peter3, Master of Resurrection

“Today is the day—the day I get to be the great Peter3 and perform my deed of resurrection. I loved her the day she was born. I loved her while she grew. Her mind was so wonderfully powerful yet so innocent — so much like you in some ways, my younger brother. How can I do this? My design is so complex—my obsession so complete — I allowed no-one to help me. No-one else can understand the design — no-one to rescue me — rescue her—if I make a mistake. I could not stand to watch her die again. She might. And yet, here is Paul25, the most beautiful of heart among us, encouraging me to take the leap—the leap to uncertain conclusions. He is the perfect of brothers. He believes in me. He looks at me with that naïve, silly look of his and blindly believes I can do anything. He believes I am like my elder brother, Peter2, who created him and who created me. Perfection—even my creator could not have been the maestro who filled existence with your song of life — someone so filled with love as you, Paul25. You have been touched in some way I do not understand. But who or what might have touched you, I cannot tell. Shall I spin the winds of creation and fly against the randomness? What will you think, Brother, if the randomness wins — if I have to kill her vulnerable innocence right before your eyes?”

[This character monologue is an expansion of the story surrounding this illustration. This illustration, by Matt Curtis, is from book #1, "The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1: The Death of Innocents." Buy book #1 now so you are ready for the release of book #2 on March 29th. The illustrated full color Kindle Edition is available for $7.99 on Amazon at: You can get the illustrated black and white Reader's Edition paperback, $14.99, direct from the press: If you have the bucks, the illustrated full color Collector's Edition paperback, printed on a high resolution press, is really awesome. It's $44.99, direct from the press: The paperbacks are also available on Amazon.]

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