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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back Story for Book #1: Trevor's Death

"Trevor, oh Trevor. Look at you. Only moments ago, through the pain, you were telling me of the best parts of our friendship. All my playmates—so many have I had, all have died. I feel so ashamed—I should be the one to die. I could have saved you. A wave of my hand, a little fatigue, a little of my energy expended, and you would have been up playing with me. Well, perhaps not—the marauders left parts of your mom and dad hanging over there. Perhaps the pain and the human need for revenge would have led to a bitter life and an early death anyway. Why must I suffer this—the look of fear as you exhaled your last breath, staring at me, knowing my life would go on forever as the darkness and pain consumed you. You knew my secret. You knew what a planet was. You could understand so many concepts beyond your time. You helped so many in your village—the farmer who couldn’t understand what ailed his plants, sick animals, mothers scared of their child’s illness—everyone relied on Trevor. Your mom and dad loved you so much and so did the rest of the village. Now the marauders have killed everyone. Nothing is left. You deserved to live your simple, peaceful, peasant’s life. The marauders deserved to die. I wanted to see those wonderful genes of yours in your children. But the Great Sophistan said no. I must not interfere in the evolutionary course of Earth. I must spend most of my time on this hideous prison, called Earth, looking for the emergence of the Children of Sophista. The Great Sophistan is sure they will emerge someday—someday I will be freed from this festering ball of violence—free to stay on Sophista with my brothers, never to see my playmates die again—to be known simply as Paul25 instead of the nine-year-old boy who could shoot lightning from his fingertips—and did nothing to save his friends."

[This character monologue was specifically written to explain this illustration. This illustration, by Matt Curtis, is from book #1, "The Saeshell Book of Time Part 1: The Death of Innocents." It is currently on sale. It is available in Kindle or paperback. The full color Kindle Edition is available for $7.99 on Amazon at: You can get the black and white Reader's Edition paperback, $14.99, direct from the press: If you have the bucks, the full color Collector's Edition paperback, printed on a high resolution press, is really awesome. It's $44.99, direct from the press: The paperbacks are also available on Amazon. Book #2 will go on sale March 29th.]

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