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Monday, April 9, 2012

Middle School Boy Reviews Book #1

I have been conducting a early reader trial of the final version of Book #1, #2, and #3 at Rainard School for Gifted Students in Houston, Texas. This is a review of the Saeshell Book of Time: Part 1: The Death of Innocents conducted by a middle school boy who I call Boy #1.

The story is told in a way I have never ever seen before.  Telling and progressing the story in the present while telling the background story and using the background story as part of the present story to advance it is just incredible.  The variety of characters and their development is also magnificently done.  Their personalities show and they grow as well while learning new things about each other and themselves, by seeing each other's and their own past.  There are however, quite a few things that are put out there suddenly and without warning, and while most of the events fit in with the story, quite a few of the fact related things, such as the sudden revelation of Stefan and/or Tyco being able to survive in space, and/or Stefan having the ability to allow Tyco to survive in space, (as shown in the last paragraph of page 197 that stretches over to and ends in the beginning of page 198) don't fit in so well.  The story is great and beautifully crafted, the characters well-made, and the only things I saw as anything resembling a flaw is what I just mentioned.

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  1. Very informative book review. Sounds like a great book!