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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Puzzle for Early Readers

I am sitting here at the moment composing the description for the artwork to appear at the beginning of each chapter of Book #1 "The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 1: The Death of Innocents". Each chapter will have a different picture depicting a major theme in the chapter. One of the characters in the book is the book itself and it talks to the reader directly in chapter 1. So I thought that the picture for chapter 1 should be a picture of the actual Saeshell Book of Time. But what would you put on the cover of that book? The gears started turning in my head and an evil smile appeared on my face. I'll put a puzzle that will torture the readers, just like the rest of the puzzles in the book. Here is what I told the artist to draw:

"A picture of a book with a shiny black cover. In the upper left hand corner half of the cover is a pen and ink drawing of a fairy drawn in metallic gold ink. A pair of blue translucent gemstones are placed where the eyes would be. In the bottom right hand corner half of the cover is an octopus drawn in purple metallic (reflective) ink. The octopus has a single yellow gemstone eye. In the middle of the cover, between the creatures, is an infinity symbol followed by an exclamation point, drawn in metallic blue ink."
 This cover has a symbolic meaning. It naturally represents something in the story (and taunts the reader because you can't possibly decode its meaning until you have read several books in the serial). But there is something more. It is also symbolic of a gifted person's life: the basic challenges within themselves that they face. Can you decode the puzzle? Can you figure out what are the metaphoric symbols related to giftedness appearing on the cover?

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