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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ending Paragraphs of Book #3 MS4 version

Here are the final paragraphs of Book #3 of the MS4 version of the manuscript.  These paragraphs are past the plot end so they won't spoil the book. They serve as the teaser for the next book of this highly connected serial.  Syon is Stefan's son from the future. He can control time and can travel in time. I believe he is 9 years old at this point and has bright purple hair and golden eyes. He has brought the Ty from the future back to see the events covered at the end of the book. Ty from the future is approximately a 5th grader.

Here are the last paragraphs of the book:

Meanwhile, an older Ty and Syon are floating invisibly in a time bubble across the room. Ty says to Syon, “Thank you for bringing me here to see this moment. I always wondered what happened when I left the room. I was so scared back then. Still, sometimes my talents scare me now.”

“Your talents scare you? Look at what I am doing now. This is scary. Yet, I use my talents all the time. I enjoy them. They define who I am. You cannot be afraid to use them.”

“You know, I never realized it until now. You really are similar to your dad. I think he would look better with purple hair, though.”

“Syon smiles a huge smile and quietly giggles a little. “Come on; let’s go forward a little bit. I just love what you do to the lizard man.”
(C) Copyright 2011 by Rusty Biesele

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