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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back Cover Text of Book #2

I uploaded the following text as the back cover text of Book #2

Stefan, a seventh-grader, shouldn’t have to decide the fate of his mother’s unborn child, prevent his adolescent anger from burning innocent people to a crisp, and be a father-figure to his three-year-old sister. Evolutionarily advanced Stefan loves fantasy, magic, and art – all expressions of a science too advanced for contemporary humans. Three-hundred-thousand years ago an alien, by modifying human genetics, predestined Stefan, his mom, and friends to travel to Sophista, a utopia seventy-three light years away. They return to secretly rule present day Earth and to save other advanced humans from exploitation and torture. An immortal love between Stefan and the older Tova2 strengthens Stefan as he witnesses the atrocities of the universe. Will Tova2's love cause the magic deep within Stefan's heart to fashion a bright future for all? Or will Stefan crack, violating his path of destiny in The Saeshell Book of Time, and cause everyone to cease to exist.

In part 2, Tova2 and Stefan discover their immortal love yet the loneliness of being the first of a new species of super-beings. Stefan discovers that he has a 3 year old sister who is destined to become the Oracle of Sophista. What is her secret connection to Atreyeu? Stefan and Tova2 crown the new Queen of Sophista and discover the horror of her unbridled ambition. Tova2 and the Great Sophistan fear Stefan’s enormous power, combined with his boyish vulnerabilities, will kill everyone. Has the Saeshell Book of Time lied to Stefan? Is Sophista headed for destruction? Did Elof2 hack the Great Sophistan—and Tova2’s heart?

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