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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book #3 Sample Paragraph from Chapter 3

I decided to post a paragraph that shows the new writing style a bit more. I am currently running through book #3 rewriting parts of it to take it from MS3 to MS4. MS4 will have a much deeper characterization than MS3 and a good bit more drama from the looks of things. In this sample, Elof2 has initiated a link to Paul7's mind. Elof2 is a somewhat cynical 19 year old Tibetan-American genius and Paul7 is a 9 year old immortal boy from the planet Sophista.

Elof2’s words pierce Paul7’s mind like the pain from the spider once did. He feels something different in Paul7, different from the other Pauls, something he can’t quite make tangible, slipping and sliding—responding to his own thoughts—actively avoiding being defined and quantified. There is a Paul, a child that only wants to serve, trapped in a cave of darkness, endlessly being stalked by an unseen predator. The predator herds Paul7’s thoughts, forcing him into inexplicable actions as if he is trapped in the strings of a puppeteer.

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