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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book #3 Sample: The Landscape of Time

Here is a sample of the new material going into book #3 to create manuscript 4 (MS4). A new chapter was created by carving some text out of a previous chapter and then adding new text. The text below is some of that new added text. The chapter is called "The Landscape of Time."  Syon is a relatively new character introduced in the previous MS3 version. He is the future son of Stefan. His nickname is the "Child of Time." Although he does not have that many pages devoted to him, he has been a resounding favorite for some reason among recent early readers. Some kids have begged me to do a whole book on just him.

“I am going to do something that will help Atreyeu,” says Elof2. “But it will be really scary for you. Your mom will probably be very angry when she finds out I did this. Do you want me to do it?”

“Atreyeu knows what you are going to do and he says, ‘do it,’” says Aleah.

“Oh, yeah, of course he does. So put your hands on my head and see what I see.”

Aleah gives Elof2 a kiss on the cheek and puts her hands on each side of his head. Elof2 already has one hand on the computer wall and he closes his eyes.

He commands, “Tonya, execute program Jack in the Box.” Both Aleah and he freeze, becoming statues; the room now looks like a Greek museum containing alabaster statues and twisted by interwoven computer displays. The silence and peace of the room hides the life or death tragedy being played out in some virtual forum.

Syon floats at the top of the room invisibly, watching over this turn in time. He sighs to himself, “So many painful events, so much sadness inflicted upon you, dad. No matter how many times I watch it, it always hurts for me to see it again.  You were so happy and free—happy and free until they made you preside over the building of your own prison. I wish I could change it all. I wish, I wish, I wish…”

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