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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mental Parents Day

This is a post that I am doing while under the influence of a variety of cold medications so it is likely to be weird. I got that disclaimer out of the way because I am likely going to offend about 90% of the world, give or take some percentage unknown to me in my present state.

I got the idea for this post by reading another clever quote posted on twitter; a quote from Einstein. I really like his quotes, well, at least the ones I've seen. And while rolling his quote over in my head, I came to the idea that, really, all us gifted people have mental gifted parents (as opposed to the biological ones) which we probably don't think about all that much. But what struck me was how Einstein was a gifted human being who went out on a limb and proposed something pretty wacko for the time. Worse, he wrote down his wackiness for the whole world to see. The thing is that while he wrote those things to benefit the world, really those writings were meant for another gifted person. A random set of gifted (mental) sons and daughters--a message in a bottle to them really--to help give them his thoughts so they could have some wacky thoughts of their own. Although he wrote things aimed at the general public, those wacky writings about physics were just aimed at those sons and daughters.

Other gifted people, whether or not they are aware of it, have their own set of (mental) gifted parents. But even more important, as you continue working on wacky stuff of your own, is to not only think about who your mental parents were but to realize that when your life is done, all your future mental gifted sons and daughters are depending on you to leave them something. Why should they have to reinvent it all over again. That would be boring. We gifted don't do boring.

And while I am being a bit loony myself, I will leave you with this idea. If you have biological sons and daughters, ask them this: "Who do you think your mental parents are and what will you leave for your gifted mental sons and daughters in the future? You are not going to make them miserably bored, are you?"

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