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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Dramatic Excerpt from Book #2

This is an excerpt from the MS5 (manuscript 5) version of Book #2: "The Saeshell Book of Time: Part 2: The Rebirth of Innocents" MS6 is the version that goes to the publisher. I picked this excerpt because it is a small number of words that exemplified the drama in the book. In this excerpt, Paul25 is a nine year old boy and Tova2 is a 19 year old girl. Paul with Numbers is a nickname for Paul25. Stefan is Tova2's future younger lover.

The excerpt:

Paul25 looks at Tova2. “You could not be a Stefan bomb!”

“I am sorry, Little Brother, but I am and you ARE the trigger,” says Tova2. She thinks, “This is what the noble orators of the dead civilizations of long ago must have felt like—orators of civilizations about to die. I glow with brilliant warmth that removes no chill.”

All of Paul25’s rocks fall and he hits the ground. He begins to cry. Tova2 swoops over, picks him up, and cuddles him.

“Paul with Numbers, do not worry,” says Tova2. “If we get back our Stefan, I couldn’t possibly kill him. I love Stefan. But we will see if Stefan remembers who he really is. We shall see if he still has his gentle heart.”

“I couldn’t kill him,” says Paul25.

“Of course not,” says Tova2. “But I could, despite my love. And that is why you are the trigger. Only you will know that there is no hope.”

“And if I told you, you would kill him?” asks Paul25 shakily.

“Yes,” says Tova2. “And if he harmed you, I wouldn’t hesitate an instant.”

Paul25 continues to cry because this is more than he can bear.

“Paul with Numbers, I need you to focus,” says Tova2. “There is worse news. Yesterday you were hurt. I can’t stand to see you hurt. It’s how you have become the trigger. There are no limits of what I will do for you. As a result, I created a tunnel through time to show you Atreyeu. Unfortunately, the tunnel also acted as a signal light to every advanced being that we are here. The Sophistans are no longer safe because they are no longer in hiding.”

Paul25 begins to cry uncontrollably.

A faint echo of Stefan’s voice touches Tova2’s mind momentarily, “There is no limit to what I will do for you, my love. As you will one day see.” Tova2 twitches, trying to hide her momentary confusion at hearing Stefan’s voice again. She tells herself that she must focus on the immediate needs of Paul25’s emotional chaos. Yet she thinks, “I feel so strange. The horror of this doesn’t move me at all. What have I become?”

(C) Copyright 2011 by Rusty Biesele, All Rights Reserved

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  1. You are such a tease. This was a great place to suck the reader in. Thanks for sharing.