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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Feedback from Gifted Adult on Part 1

Demographic: Adult, gifted, female.
This feedback is for the MS4 version of Part 1 of the Saeshell Book of Time.
This version was recently submitted to a large publisher or two.

1. Who was your favorite character?

ALL the characters become beloved friends! I liked them all, except for Elof's dad. When push comes to shove, my most favorite character was Ty; Stefan was a close second. I liked Tova also.

2. What was your favorite chapter?

Probably the ones about Elof's past--because they happened in my ol' stompin' grounds! I found it interesting though--the relationship between Elof and Tova...unrequited love. Who doesn't relate to that?!

3. What do you think about how giftedness was portrayed in the book?

I thought you did a good job. It seemed that you focused certain OEs on certain characters--for example, Ty has empathy in spades yet still is intelligent; Tyco has the psychomotor stuff going on, but develops a softness to himself.

4. Do you have any other comments?

I found the story compelling. I wasn't bored at any point. I did wish for more action, less talk at times. I told you about how I struggle to get into fantasy/sci-fi books, so I had that going, but once I was into it, I really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading it.

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