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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If I Could Dream

If I could dream,
I would dream of a land,
Filled with perpetual childhood and fairies,
Where knowledge was a touch screen away,
And dreams materialized into reality.
Energy would be plentiful, and power even me,
And a motherly computer would put me to bed at night,
Filling my mind with imagery.
New friends would be a button push away,
Filled with minds that care,
The machine that would make them would pop them out,
Filled with dreams to share.
We would talk of knowledge and things to explore,
We would stare at the stars at night,
A single thought would send us there,
Admiring new forms of life.
If I could dream, I would fall asleep,
And dream even more,
But if people discovered my secret dreams,
They would know I was a Child of Sophista.

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