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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I Am Writing the Children of Sophista Book Series

Your brain has different regions which perform different functions essential to you functioning as a human being. If one aspect of your brain fails to perform in some minor way, you cannot function as you were meant to. You slowly descend the rungs of human happiness and well being until you reach a place that is very unpleasant. You take some solstice in being able to still function in some way. You begin to itemize the things you can still do.

The mind of humanity functions in much the same way. There is not one kind of person, a "correct person", coming off the assembly line. Because the mind of humanity, like the human brain itself, needs different parts that process different kinds of information or perform different tasks. All these parts must work together or the brain of humanity loses cognitive function. In short, we start trying to figure out what we still can do because the brain of humanity is going senile.

One of the parts of the brain of humanity is a gifted person. There are not a lot of gifted people. It's not because they are a fluke or a mistake. The appropriate number required for the brain of humanity to function are created. Just like any other part in the brain of humanity, they take joy in performing their function and seek to enjoy their lives.

Imagine for a moment, that you were the person in say the movie Iron Man, flying around in a rocket propelled suit. It's an exhilarating ride. Who wouldn't want to go flying around in a rocket power suit that has a fancy computer display telling you all kinds of information about every thing you chose to look at. Imagine you were a kid flying around in that rocket suit. Cool huh?

Now imagine not being able to take that suit off ever in your entire life. You still have the need for friends. You still have the need to share what you have learned. You want to hear what your friends have learned. And even if you already know some bit knowledge or fact they have discovered, you listen patiently. Because they are your friend and you care about them. But you are wearing a rocket suit. They know it and you know it. It's a bit odd, everyone has differences, so we, who are part of the body humanity, are expected to deal with it.

Of course, some things are bit difficult to explain. Like the fact that the suit never shuts off. So although your friend can't see it, the computer display has just dissected him and is showing all his guts in detail. You and your friends look at cool things together. But that display keeps right on working. You both see the beauty or neat stuff. But the display has additionally dissected how whatever you have looked at works and how it relates to its surroundings. It is so interesting but it is so weird too. Sometimes you are not sure what to make of what the suit is telling you.

Like most other kids, you like to read books for fun. It helps if the book in some way relates to the trials you are facing growing up. You share many of the same trials as your friends. But the rocket suit also adds some of its own. It is very disconcerting to have your friends dissected on the display. They are your friends. You question why did you have to be born with a rocket suit. What is the meaning of life when you are confined to a rocket suit. So many questions, your mind never stops.

The Children of Sophista is a book series that tries to explore in an entertaining way what life in the rocket suit is like. It is a book series that encourages gifted kids to probe deeper into the meaning of their lives. It does not shy away from life's big questions but asks them. Gifted teens can finally have a book that talks about their issues. And non-gifted teens can not only achieve a greater understanding of the big questions about what is the nature of life itself, but can understand the true nature of living in the rocket suit.

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