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Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Short Feedbacks

Feedback from a Northern California Private School On Installment #3
Demographic: 6th grade boy.

A fabulous book. Once again have you exceeded greatness. Such epic stories are riveting and interesting. I only have one request that you make this a series with more than 4 books.

[Don't worry, although The Saeshell Book of Time ends on the 4th installment, the series does not. The same characters continue on into a new story line. In fact, there are some hooks even in installment #1 that point to the next book (set of installments) in the series. It's too early to nail thing down totally yet, but at this moment in time I'm thinking the title for the next serial or novel on the series will be: "The Owl in the Forest". ]

Each installment gets more and more intense. I was beginning to get worried that maybe the intensity was getting too intense. So I asked the librarian to check with the kid and see what he thought.

He said it was not too intense or scary and that he’s enjoying each installment more and more.

Feedback on Installment #1 from a Minneapolis, MN Public Middle School: Demographic noted by teacher taking feedback.

6th grade girl: "It's not my kind of book." I asked her to explain. She reports, "I don't like books where they have to explain a whole world that doesn't really exist."

[Sounds like you might like biographies or historical fiction better.]

6th grade boy: "It is really jumping around a lot in the beginning. I am not sure what's going on."

[Sorry, it is a bit tough to get used to the time line changing in a book. In my next draft, I'm going to try and make it a little clearer up front why things jump. Maybe that will help. ]

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