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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chapter 4 Pass 2 Feedback

(This feedback is from the post 6th grade kid.)

The Saeshell Book of Time Chapter Feedback

Chapter: 4

Favorite character: Ty, because you can tell that what he is hiding is big.

Favorite part in chapter: Chapter was great, but I think I liked the middle of it all.

Feelings towards next chapter: I’m excited to read chapter 5 tonight, I’m trying extra hard to get everything done fast so I can go read in bed! Great job overall on everything so far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pass 2 Chapter 3 Feedback

This is from the GT end of 6th grade kid.

The Saeshell Book of Time Chapter Feedback
Chapter: 3

Favorite character:

Elof2, you can tell how he is getting closer to the kids.

Favorite part in chapter:

The chapter was so good; I can’t make a decision on which part was best.

Feelings towards next chapter:

Can’t wait! There was a perfect ending, and it makes me wonder what abilities Ty is hiding, and if it leads him to the “dark side.”