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Friday, April 30, 2010

Chapter 2 pass 2

Have any young readers read Chapter 2 yet? If you want to post comments on the chapter, just click the word comment below. Since you probably don't have an account, just choose anonymous. If you put your first name in the feedback, it will help me know who is talking.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapter 1 Pass 3

Any young readers read Chapter 1 pass 3 (the new version). Click the word "comment" below and leave me your comments.


Welcome new manuscript readers. If you wish to post a comment reviewing a part of the manuscript, simply add a comment below. If you want to make things more organized, you can get an account and post a regular posting to this blog. Just ask me and I will tell you how.

To add a comment, just click the word comment underneath this posting. Comments are moderated, so they won't appear on the blog until I click okay.

The advantage to being able to do a regular posting is that you can put a sensible title on the top of your posting to identify what it is about.