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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ty's Lament

One of the problems with writing a science fiction/fantasy blend novel is that it is hard to give people a true sample of how the novel feels. People have preconceived ideas about what a certain genre should sound like. Perhaps science fiction conjures up visions of spaceships and ray guns and fantasy, fairies and wizards locked in some kind of a battle. Its difficult to convey the feeling of a novel which turns these unusual realms into realms of ordinary people just trying to make it through the day in their ordinary life. Never mind that these people are fairies or beings of great superpowers. In the end, they just trying to have a reasonable life where the comforts that people normally aspire to are theirs. To convey that feeling, without totally giving away the story, I came up with the idea of a character poem. I basically take the feeling one would get about a character during part of the story and distill it down to a poem that provides a strong feeling of the nature of the character. This poem was my first attempt. The character, Ty, is a fairly mysterious third grade boy living in the UK. And no, he is not purely human.

Ty's Lament

The world hates me,

But so many love me,

It's a contradiction I have to live with.

My human dad's love

Surrounds me,

Enclosing me in a world

I never wanted to leave,

A world of stories and music,

A world devoid of hate and death.

My dad was the conveyor of the

Ancient knowledge,

A conveyor for the

Queen of the Distant Fairies,

A secret mom for now,

To replace my human mom who is dust.

My mom's love for me

I wanted to know,

For it was truly magic.

I felt her love before I was born,

My desire was to simply touch it.

But my dad was the trigger

And I was the bomb,

That took her love away,

I touched her mind

For so brief a time,

Before the knife swept me away.

Her brightly colored love fallen,

Like the leaves of autumn,

It's a contradiction I have to live with.

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