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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fallacy in Blogging

I found one fallacy in trying to set up a blog for early readers, especially the kids. It's that most kids, especially ones who read lots of books, don't blog. Or if they are at the lower end of the age range of the book, their parents don't let them near the internet very much. I have to say, being in Silicon Valley, that being very far from the internet is not a concept I can understand. But that's my fault for being in Silicon Valley. In seventh grade my daughter was pounding the web and had people in Yahoo pursuing her for web tricks. And there were wonderful community sites where you would earn points in the site's reward system by writing things. Of course, a hacker, a hateful person, sent that site to an early grave. The site owner didn't help matters, obviously never having heard of an offline backup. He had no backup and so the hacker sent all the writings and belongings of the kids and the community to oblivion. Now the internet is polluted by highly addictive online games that prevent learning (at least learning of things in the real world). So, in some ways, I don't blame parents for being scared of the internet.

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