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Monday, May 31, 2010

Chapter 1 pass 3 feedback

GT end of 6th grader feedback.

I think the feedback I posted previously from him must be for pass 2. This for pass 3 on Chapter1. Chapter 1 is the only one at Pass 3 level and there will have to be a pass 4 of it. Might have to go to pass 4 on some of the first chapters because I was well into editing the book when his feedback about says came in.

Here is his feedback

Chapter 1, Pass 3 feedback

Favorite character- Ty

What I liked best about the chapter- The introduction, definitely. Nice use of the prologue!J

Next chapter- Can’t wait! The ending was really good, and how you came about it was good, too.

Other feedback- You’re still using “says” too much, not sure if you’re changing that in your next pass, but it gets a little bothersome. Good job on putting the humorous sentences, that keeps me reading the book. It’s good that you’re keeping the correct traits with the right character. It’s easy to make Tyco the wimpy one and Ty the buff one.

(Actually, he has Ty and Tyco reversed in his comment.)

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