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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Welcome new manuscript readers. If you wish to post a comment reviewing a part of the manuscript, simply add a comment below. If you want to make things more organized, you can get an account and post a regular posting to this blog. Just ask me and I will tell you how.

To add a comment, just click the word comment underneath this posting. Comments are moderated, so they won't appear on the blog until I click okay.

The advantage to being able to do a regular posting is that you can put a sensible title on the top of your posting to identify what it is about.


  1. I tried to join with my yahoo account, but it gave a message that it couldn't display on Internet Explorer.

    Then I use Google. When I selected more options, it kept putting me as public, even though I had checked private. So going back to fewer options selection, I checked private again and said save.

    I've never done blogging befoe, so don't know so much about doing it.

    There isn't anything about you yet under you Complete Profile.

  2. Can't get back to home page after entering a comment. The Welcome page is displayed as a full page and can't see the Home page.

  3. I'm in. Glad you started a blog. But the colors are very hard to deal with.

  4. Hopefully the new colors are more readable. As far as the problem of the blog going full screen after you post, there is nothing I can do to prevent that. The only change I could make would be to make the blog open in a totally separate window from the web site.