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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chapter 1 Pass 3

Any young readers read Chapter 1 pass 3 (the new version). Click the word "comment" below and leave me your comments.

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  1. From GT kid graduating 6th grade:
    Chapter 1 feedback

    Favorite character- Ty

    What I liked best about the chapter-

    The introduction, definitely. 

    Next chapter

    Can’t wait! The ending was really good, and how you came about it was good, too.

    Other feedback

    You’re saying “says” too much, so it gets a little boring. Mix it up a bit, like put says after the response/ question or use asked or responded. And if you want to see what amazing authors do (amazing by “officials.” That’s what I call people like the New York Times book report people.) , then consider something by Anthony Horowitz or Mary Downing Hahn (I think that’s her name?). They are great authors who kids love.

    A book I liked from the following authors: (none of these are science fiction or use this as the main topic)

    Raven’s Gate by Anthony Horowitz Gatekeepers #1

    Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz Gatekeepers #2

    Nightrise by Anthony Horowitz Gatekeepers #3

    Time For Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn